Give Your Kitchen That Celebrity Touch

Have you ever desired to own the latest Celebrity car, watch or fashion trend?

Well now there is a chance for you to find out how the modern day Celeb. is designing the heart of their house.
At Elle Decor we will take a look at 4 of the top kitchen trendsetters from modern luxury to traditional country.

#1 Courtney Cox
#2 Hilary Swank
#3 Ralph Lauren
#4 Meg Ryan

Notice Hilary Swanks’ Kohler Sink Fittings?
Or Courtneney Cox’s Franke Stainless Steel Sink?

Get closer to the Celeb lifestyle, Today!


Stylish Stainless Steel Sinks

Undermounted stainless steel sinks have gained a new attraction towards kitchen fitters/ companies and their clients alike. The newly acquired ability to create curved, offset style bowls has allowed for the stainless steel sink to be seen in a more aesthetically pleasing way, whilst continuing to provide its hard-wearing and non-scratch properties.

Kohler 8 Degree

Sinks such as this Degree 8 by Kohler, create a wonderfully open, ease of use allowing for not only your typical dish washing. Visually it’s striking, and although does revert to the old-fashioned rectangular shape the sink finds a modern contrast in its under-mount fit with beveled edge. If you wish to purchase a sink such as this or if you are looking to buy high-quality ceramic or cast iron sinks, head over to The Kitchen Sink Company.

Kitchen Market on the Rise

It appears that the Kitchen is still well and truly the heart of any household, according to the latest JKMR report.

After a peak in 2007, the market appeared to be slowing down however a few years later the market is once again showing a steady rise, growing on average 2.3% year-on-year.

The Web Marketing Group report that the economic downturn is seeing more and more people choosing to revamp their current household rather than move.
Many factors have to be considered as to why these trends are continually increasing, For example, this years summer months have had an impact on sales due to the hot weather – promoting impulse buying, and the need for wanting better becomes apparent. 

The RIGHT sink for YOU

Choosing a sink can be a tough choice to make. It is a staple part of the kitchen, one of which is used on a frequent basis day-in-day-out. Oddly enough not only should your choice be made on aesthetics and what will ‘look nice’, but also what it is going to be used for.

The common choices include: Ceramic Sinks, Stainless Steel Sinks and Cast Iron Sinks – The Kitchen Sink Company also have Copper Sinks available on request.

If say for example you wish to have Granite worktops, in reference to, Max Isley of Hampton Kitchens recommends a Stainless Steel sink, due to its “undermount capabilities”, and it is also very hard-wearing. Choosing thicker stainless steel will mean higher resistance to dents and have a better sound resistance.

Cast Iron sinks are extremely durable and have an appealing glossy finish, often found with vintage and country design kitchens. The main considerations to be made when buying a cast iron sink are that they can chip and scratch also, due to the weightiness of these sinks extra support is needed if you were to undermount it.

Copper sinks can last a long time, they have a specialty in growing a richer and deeper look. Choosing a hammered copper sink is preferred to a smooth one as they are less prone to dents. Regular waxing is required to ensure the patinas is protected (which allows the copper to age well).


Sarreguemines Sinks

Sarreguemine - The Kitchen Sink Company

The request for Sarreguemines sinks is steadily building up as orders come in for a selection of the ranges. Including the Culan, Jouy, Lingot, Marne & Sarzay. All of which are available as an undermount or an inset style sink.
The other ranges include Belfast, Sancerre & Grand Siecle which are only available as sit-on.
A variety of three colours are available on request for a slight price alteration. These include, White, Anthracite and Mocha.

Sarreguemines Sink Colours

As a new partner of Sarreguemines, The Kitchen Sink Company are hoping for a long term relationship which will see orders develop into a larger scale and become a popular feature of our distribution service.

Sarreguemines & Lansdowne Offer

Sarreguemine - The Kitchen Sink Company

As of July 1st The Kitchen Sink Company are offering a  special deal on our full range of the beautifully crafted Sarreguemines sinks in three colours – White, Anthracite and Mocha.

With any display purchase of the Sarreguemines sink range you’ll be entitled to a FREE Lansdowne Heron or Flamingo tap for display.

Sarreguemines Jouy  JouySarreguemines Culan   Culan  Sarreguemines Lingot single bowl   Lingot


The Sarreguemines sink for display will receive a trade discount of 70%.

The sink and tap must be on display together within 6 weeks and must remain on display for two years, as of when after this date can then be sold on.

This offer is available from July to December 2013 and is subject to availability.


Kitchen Sink and Tap UK Distributors

We are currently stocking a wide range of sinks and taps and waste products, our manufacturers include: Abode, Eclectica, Insinkerator, Kohler, Lansdowne, Lefroy Brookes, Regis, Rieber and newest addition Sarreguemines.
We pride ourselves on offering the best quality to our customers and offer trade prices on approval of business. Our sales team are a friendly bunch and will do all they can to help so don’t hesitate to get in touch with The Kitchen Sink Company on 01243 841 332, or visit our online showcase website at to view our current stock. Stay informed with all the latest products and offers here at The Kitchen Sink Company blog on Image